Obviously, seam has many cool features. There are some questions:
1.Seam introduced many kinds of context, and much more than Spring. Are they better than Spring?
2.any bean marked with @Name() will be treated as managed component. client just uses “DumyBean cc = (DumyBean) Component.getInstance(“dumyBean”, true);” to access the bean. Maybe this approach is clearer than Spring xml configuration. Is this approach less efficiently?
3.debug.seam page is right around thing! It should exist in Spring. Is it a servlet? Where is its configuration?
4.@Logger looks cool. This annotation is introduced by jboss. How to do this?In org.jboss.seam.Component, there is: if ( field.isAnnotationPresent(org.jboss.seam.annotations.Logger.class) )So, It looks that Logger is a build-in service. There is no way to configure it or add my service, yeah?
5.eclipse’s command works very well with Ant? For example: when I click save button, eclipse automatically invokes Ant’s task. How to do this?6.annotation is largely used in Seam. What about this?