test code
if (component instanceof ValueHolder && (null != (converter = ((ValueHolder)

the css please refers here. make sure that css code block should be placed in <head> and started with .post.

  In your blog, you should enbrace your code with tag in HTML view.  And in your code block, you cann’t use <> these simble. You change it into HTML code by some tools like [phpfi][2]. It also provides highlighting feature.

  But this approach is some boring. Later I found M$ Live Writer. It is cool. You can edit blog on offline mode and post it when online. You also can download blog item, modify it, and update it to Blogger. You also can delete blog by Writer although Writer didn’t remind you. The editor is css-enable. And more interesting it is extensible.

  It’s disadvantage I found until now is that it cann’t upload image file(Blogger does not support it). It can just add a image link.

  (6.4 add)Today Writer beta2 is released. It has many nice feature. The biggest imprement is that my article can use tag. Well Done! It looks really cool! I think Microsoft will let it more powerful.

  The reason of Writer’s existen is:1)It provide offline edit mode; 2)It is WYEIWYS editor; 3) web editor is not so much convenient until now. You will find these problem specially when the article is some long.