Today I evaluated Visual library of NetBeans org. There are not too much information about it on Sun’s site. And it is a part of NetBeans 6 M9. I guest it was just separated from Netbeans as a standalone project. It’s many feature is same as JGraph which has been used by many users. But I think this library provides more about UI design but not only concerning on graph as done by JGrah. For example, it has a feature “ComponentWidget – AWT/Swing components on scene”. So you can do this:

JButton button = new JButton();<br />button.setText("xixi");<br />ComponentWidget widget = new ComponentWidget(this,button);

Then I have a question: Is Visual Web (netbeans) developed on this library? If so, Visual Library is very cool! (From this post, just page flow navigator is based on Visual Library.)
There is a video which created a demo on Visual library. You can find that a JasperReports tool called jarvis is also base on this library. It looks powerful.