1. Firebug: an UI debuger, is necessary as tool for web UI developer. 2 features: javascript debuger; css&DOM inspector.(why Swing and iOS didn’t need this?)

  2. you can see all HTML codes of other site. It is good for HTML learning. code is best document.

  3. the coolest thing of Dojo: encapsulation(using MVC): combine js and html in one place.

  4. for the restriction of HTML(and browser compatibility), web design should keep simple.

  5. the CSS layout syntax and DOM model of HTML are powerful(precise and flexible. why iOS didn’t need this?).

  6. so, HTML render engine is more powerful and robust than most of UI engine.

  7. HTML standard and render engine is very loose to UI related code.

  8. Even at some basic operation on css & dom, Firefox and IE are different. Use framework like Dojo.

  9. JavaScript is a kind of weak type language is suited for UI programming(closure is important for event handling).

  10. For HTML UI, a new feature often means a lot of details should be handled(especially you use one window for all, as Gmail).