The uRADMonitor KIT1.1 is an Open Source Digital Radiation Dosimeter, that can be used both as a portable detector, but also as a monitoring station to upload readings to the uRADMonitor network. OpenRex is an open source hardware board powered by NXP i.MX6 designed by Fedevel, and the company has announced the release of Altium project design files including both schematics and PCB layout source files, as well as manufacturing documentation.

SoDeRa: First app-enabled open-source software-defined base stations 16-core Epiphany RISC SOC, Zynq WALT is designed to measure the latency of physical sensors and outputs on phones and computers. It can currently perform the following measurements: LED阵列控制 stm32f407,这个支持MII口,还用了KSZ8863MLLI三口Switch PHY,每个板子(IP controller board)上有2个网口(MAGJACK-SI-60062-F),要这么多干吗?原来是用来串联板子,这样就不用一个集中的大的switch。

每个控制板还接了个LED显示控制板(LED board),LED显示控制板每个有5个STM32F030。电路板解释: 这一个板子就造假不菲吧。每个IP板子有一个IP么?这种串联网络没有星型网络速度快,但是布线和安装简单。 L4的微内核虚拟机,可以在arm, mips上面运行。 开源笔记本 通过USB控制gpio,演示了如果通过kernel 控制gpio,可以看看其usb 通信方式。 从零开始做一个linux开发板,atmel arm 芯片。 Pi Zero-based open-source mobile phone (that you can assemble for 50$ in parts) MQTT的iot项目 荔枝板DIY直播室